The core goal of our business model is to make personalized event experiences easy and streamlined for you. We know that personal touches such as custom gifts and backdrops elevate an event, and create sentimental memories that are treasured forever. Flower preservation is also a tangible way to capture a beautiful memory. When developing the business model, Stelladora's owner drew from project management experience, particularly Six Sigma. This is a methodology used in various industries that seeks to increase efficiency and reduce waste. By offering a comprehensive suite of personalized services, clients spend less time searching and more time celebrating! The event planning and coordination services bring everything full circle. We take care of managing the details so you can focus on the reason why you are celebrating. Since our business is operated virtually from our workshop, low overhead costs mean we get to transfer the savings on to our clients, and we ship or deliver so the client never has to lift a finger!
August 01, 2023 — Krista Liberski